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Production Notes
The idea of making a movie first developed with the idea of making a "Dorm Job II" as a follow up on the original short, "Dorm Job". However, after deciding that the original movie was hard to get a hold of and that most of our viewing audience would have not seen the original movie already, we figured that we would annoy the majority of our viewers. (Like we're doing now by telling you about it.) Therefore everyone pitched in with ideas for the title and we finally decided to call it "Hostage".

The entire production of "Hostage" was a hectic one and there were only two afternoons left open for shooting. The shooting had phases. Sometimes the scenes would be knocked out quickly and other times it would take 10 different takes for a clip of just a few seconds. Many times people who weren't in the movie would walk into the scene (especially the outdoor scenes) while the cameras were rolling.

Besides the actual shooting of Hostage the editing was rather time-consuming. With very little free time to form the captured scratch material into a smooth and seemless timeline the film editor went to work. It took about one hour of editing for every 45 seconds to a minute of final cut. This was because with such a tight schedule and only a few workers on each set the clips that were good enough for the movie were not marked as such. Therefore, the editor had to file through all the tapes, digging through useless clips, miscellaneous clips, and final clips, to find the right ones. Then after importing and making sure that every clip was widescreened (since one camera shot regular 4:3 and the other 2 shot 16:9), he began the long processess of editing the timeline. Color correction, sound volumes, and the addition of many sound effects as well as visual effects took hours. Another time-consuming thing was the processing of the audio since two of the cameras made a loud humming noise when shooting which was tedious to take care of. The actual soundtrack took some time to do as well. Luckily enough we were able to get a hold of some licensed music, thanks to Regina Marytrum Productions.

Although the entire cast and crew had to work hard and long they enjoyed making the film. As far as the entire outcome we are relying on your input and comments to be the judge. Send us a quick comment on what you think of our DVD and website in the contact us portion of the site. More interesting stuff can be found in the special features section of the DVD. Look for other cool films to be made in the summer of 2007.

Special thanks to all those who helped out or supported this production. Those who allowed us the use of the dorm, lent us items such as props, costumes, vehicles, or time, or provided us with food or advice.