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Three gang members from the Giacome gang have come to get revenge on the ex-FBI agent Mr. Matthew Michaels (Benjamin Strong) who has recently retired from the F.B.I.. However, during his career he put one of their fellow gang members in jail for life. The gang members kill his wife and get away quickly without leaving any solid evidence and leaving Mr. Michaels in a tough spot and confused.

Now Mr. Michaels himself is being attacked and his son has been captured and is being held hostage by the gangsters. He turns to the F.B.I. for help. Agent Trevor Busch (Joseph Carroll), with his fellow agent, William Rivers (Justin Engholm), agree to help Mr. Michaels get his son back.

They trace down the gangsters and attempt to bring the hostage out of danger. Hand to hand combat, an interogation, agents and gangsters getting shot and killed, and an all around action sequence ensues when the F.B.I. steps into the scene.

Will they rescue the hostage alive? Buy it now and find out. Soon to be rated "two thumbs up" by the New York Times the movie "Hostage" brings you the most nail biting suspense ever, followed by intense "edge of your seat" fighting scenes that will leave you breathless. You don't want to miss this blockbuster!