Ottawa University beat the Knights.
There was a fairly exciting basketball game against Ottawa University on February 19 which the Knights lost with a score of 100 to 79.

Basketball game against Ottawa rescheduled. The home game against Ottawa University JV which was canceled on January 29 has now been rescheduled for February 19.

The Knights lost to Nebraska Christian.
Nebraska Christian College beat the Knights in a basketball game in St. Mary's on February 12. The Knights took the lead several times during the game but Nebraska Christian came out on top with a final score of 84 to 72.

The Knights won against Calvary Bible.
There was a good basketball game at home on February 8 against Calvary Bible. The Knights played well the whole game and won 83 to 64.

Ottawa University beat the Knights.
On February 4 the Knights traveled to Ottawa for a basketball game which they lost with a score of 88 to 55.

Another basketball game canceled.
The basketball game against Haskell University JV on February 1 was canceled.

Basketball game canceled due to weather.
The basketball game scheduled for January 29 against Ottawa University JV was canceled by Ottawa due to the weather. The athletic directors are working on getting it rescheduled.

Central Christian beat the Knights.
The Knights played a basketball game against Central Christian on January 26 in McPherson. Central Christian won the game 72 to 54.

Knights lost to Mid-America Nazarene.
The Knights lost their basketball game on January 24 against Mid-America Nazarene by 24 points.

The Knights won the NCTA Classic.
The Knights played NCTA on January 19 in their second game of the NCTA Classic. The Knights won 79 to 69, putting them in first place for the tournament.

The Knights beat Frontier Bible.
On January 18 the Knights traveled to Curtis, Nebraska for the NCTA Classic basketball tournament. They won their first game with a score of 102 to 52.

Another loss for the Knights.
In the basketball game on January 12 CCCB beat the Knights 84 to 51.

Knights lose to Mid-America Nazarene.
Probably the Knights worst game so far, they lost to Mid-America Nazarene 59 to 111 on December 11 after a long and cold road trip.

Close game against Mid-America Nazarene.
There was a very close basketball game on December 7. With a score of 82 to 82 the game went into overtime and at least one player received a technical foul for fighting before the game ended with a score of 89 to 97.

Basketball game against CCCB.
On December 3 the Knights played Central Christian College of the Bible. The Knights went into this game with no substitutes as several of their players were out with injuries. They played very well but lost 59 to 79.

Knights' player injured.
The Knights played Barclay College in basketball on December 1. Unfortunately James Riccommini was injured during the game and left with 3 bone breaks in his jaw. The game ended with a score of 60 to 86.

Knights played Haskell University.
A really close basketball game on November 28, right up until the last seven minutes. After that the Knights eventually lost 61 to 82.

Hard fought basketball game last Friday.
On November 16 the Knights played Mid-America Nazarene at home. They came out strong but lost the lead in the second half. They tried hard to win it back but the game ended with the final score being 70 to 76.

The Knights win the St. Mary's Classic.
On November 10 the Knights basketball team went on to the championship game against Vennard College and won, with the final score being 87 to 60.

The Knights win their first game.
The Knights first basketball game this season was on November 9 against the NCTA Aggies as part of the St. Mary's Classic tournament. They won 79 to 55.

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